WWF Energy Publications

From 2015–2019 Farm Design has produced a number of publications for WWF South Africa dealing with various topics around renewable energy.

Tittles included are:

2019 Residential investment in rooftop solar PV: What does it hold for the future? Briefing Paper

2018 Navigating the Regulatory Complexities: Municipal renewable energy generation in South Africa municipalities Report

2018 Potential for solar thermal heating in South African hospitals Report

2017 Evaluation of an energy and water efficiency retrofit project in social housing Technical Report

2015 A review of the local community development requirements in South Africa’s renewable energy procurement programme Technical Report

2015 Feasibility of the WWF Renewable Energy Vision 2030 – South Africa Technical Report

2015 Concentrated Solar Power: A strategic industrial development opportunity for South Africa Technical Report

2015 Exploring the role of retirement funds in achieving Renewable Energy Vision 2030 Technical Report

About WWF South Africa

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Other publications produced for WWF

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