Urban Food System Thinking

The food security of the urban child is at the heart of this publication. It was designed by Southern Africa Food Lab for WWF as a step-by-step guide for policy makers in urban environments to help them find solutions for their cities and towns – from South America, to Asia, and Africa.

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“Food is not just the meal on the plate. It is the hard-won outcome of the efforts and ingenuity of human endeavour, cultivated from the finite resources of our planet. To understand how food arrives on our plates requires us to track a complex arrangement of actors and processes. This reveals not just the multifaceted relationships and activities that define the food system but also a concerning assembly of negative outcomes for human health and the environment.” – Urban Food System Thinking

Farm Design took the onionskin model and developed a way-thinking device through the steps.

Workshop on Urban Food System Thinking

A workshop on food security in Langa, Cape Town, was held by WWF-SA and EDP. The workshop used the tool and workshop handouts created by Southern Africa Food Lab and designed by Farm Design.

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