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This research report by Open AIR, subtitled “How open collaborative models help scale Africa’s knowledge-based enterprises” examines the often discussed need for African businesses to “scale-up” in order for the continent to experience rapid economic growth – especially the case for knowledge-based businesses, which are essential in the modern global economy.

The design for the cover builds on the design of the Open AIR Annual Report 2019 cover, but focusses on the Innovation Metrics research area. The background texture developed for the Annual report is used on the cover.

The report talk about the numerous dimensions of, and approaches to, enterprise-scaling and draws on research conducted in Egypt, Tunisia, Morocco, Nigeria, Ghana, Ethiopia, Uganda, Kenya, Botswana, and South Africa. The report gives accounts and research findings of case studies.

The report’s overarching aim is to illuminate scaling’s profound dynamism and complexity in African innovation settings.

The report was aimed at Africa’s innovators, small enterprises, researchers, academics, private-sector actors, civil society players, and policymakers.

About Open AIR

Open AIR is a network comprising researchers from across Africa and Canada who are interested in open innovation, collaborative initiatives, scaling, inclusion, and policy impact.

The network’s purpose is to develop a better understanding of African contexts, to create better policies and better practice.

The question that they are currently working on is:

How can open and collaborative innovation help scale the impacts of next-generation technologies
to promote gender equality, youth employment, and other aspects of inclusion?

Open AIR is conducting case studies to help answer this question through the lenses of High Tech Hubs, Informal Innovation, Indigenous Entrepreneurs, Innovation Metrics, and Laws & Policies. Analysis of the results of these studies will be used to produce reports, research publications, improved theoretical models, and policy briefs & guidelines.

Open AIR is representing Africa as consultants in our various areas of expertise and have representation at WIPO, the AU, relevant government bodies, and others, as well as in academic circles.

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