Black Sash Social Insurance Reference Guide for Paralegals

Social insurance in South Africa is an important instrument to bring temporary or permanent relief to life changing shocks including unemployment; disability through work or road accidents; the death of an income earner and retirement.

This guide has been designed for ease of use, and explains the types of benefits and compensation available from the Unemployment Insurance Fund, the Compensation Fund, Retirement Funds and the Road Accident Fund. It further discusses common problems encountered in claiming benefits from these fund.

This guide will assist community based paralegals to provide support and help that will hopefully leverage access to limited social insurance benefits.

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About the Black Sash Trust

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The Black Sash Trust is a 65-year-old human rights organisation, advocating for social justice in South Africa.

The Black Sash works towards the realisation of socio-economic rights, as outlined in the SA Constitution 1996, with the emphasises on social security and social protection for the most vulnerable, particularly women and children.

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