Social Grants: Challenging Reckless lending in South Africa

South Africa has a large social grant system meant to provide assistance to vulnerable individuals including the elderly, disabled and children. These grants have however become the object of, or collateral for, debt. Grant recipients often need extra money for emergencies and unexpected expenses, but credit options available to them entail exploitative products or practices. 

This research report, written by the Black Sash in conjunction with the London School of Economics and Political Science, highlights the terrible exploitation of grant recipients by unscrupulous lenders.

This research report uses case studies to explore the ways in which grant recipients access credit in both formal and informal sectors with a series of recommendations. 

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About the Black Sash Trust

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The Black Sash Trust is a 65-year-old human rights organisation, advocating for social justice in South Africa.

The Black Sash works towards the realisation of socio-economic rights, as outlined in the SA Constitution 1996, with the emphasises on social security and social protection for the most vulnerable, particularly women and children.

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