Colombian guide to e-commerce with Canada

This publication focusses on e-commerce trading in the Canadian market. It is a valuable tool for Colombian business to effectively take advantage of trading in Canada, and leveraging the Free Trade Agreement between Colombia and Canada.

This guide and a briefing note on gender inclusion, were prepared by Professor Jeremy de Beer and Professor Michael Geist of the University of Ottawa in Canada, in consultation with ProColombia.

ProColombia focusses its work on the promotion of exports from Columbia, the expansion of Colombian companies, the attraction of foreign direct investment to Colombia, the positioning of the country as a tourist destination, and the Colombia Country Brand.

This guide is the product of collaboration between the governments of Colombia and Canada and was funded by Global Affairs Canada and implemented by Cowater International and the Institute of Public Administration of Canada, the Expert Deployment Mechanism for Trade and Development (EDM).

Farm Design was responsible for the concept design, illustration and typesetting of the publications – first in English and then in Spanish.

The guide has a companion briefing note “Gender Equality and Social Inclusion via E-commerce between Canada and Colombia“.

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