Disability and Social Change

Edited by Brian Watermeyer, Leslie Swartz, Theresa Lorenzo, Marguerite Schneider and Mark Priestley. Published by HSRC Press.

This book engages with a broad range of disability issues in South Africa. For the cover a photograph was chosen with a subtle representation of change in the landscape – a wall without a hand rail and with a section featuring a hand rail. The title was also duplicated in braille script which was embossed and spot varnished onto the cover.

A selection of other projects for HSRC Press by Farm Design

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Elsabe Gelderblom
Elsabe is the Creative director: Graphic Design at Farm Design. The company is located on the slopes of Table Mountain in the beautiful Cape Town. After years of experience in the design and advertising of fast-moving consumer goods, Elsabe wanted to do “design that makes a difference”. She therefor concentrates on academic and advocacy work for issues that she considers as important. These include climate change, human rights and law. Her particular skill is in making content easy to understand, interesting to engage with, and accessible. Elsabe loves technology and code. She started learning HTML in the mid eighties and has been on the learning treadmill ever since. She is able to do both the front end design and the back-end installation of websites. She believes that a good job is always a collaborative undertaking – a good brief with a clear target market, quality research and writing polished with detailed editing, uncluttered design with a purpose, and meticulous proofing. Farm Design’s clients and collaborators are situated from Cape Town to the UK, Canada, US, and various countries across Africa. Elsabe holds a BA degree in Graphic Design from Stellenbosch University, with majors in Design and Photography. In the creative industry you are often asked about awards won. Though she has received a Loerie Award for design, from the USA the Clio Gold Award and the Communications Arts Annual Award of Excellence, she considers her best award to be the clients she has worked with for decades.