Upper Eastside development marketing

Upper Eastside is a mixed-use development by Redefine Properties. Farm Design built on the idea of “Live, Work, Play” and “Buy, Rent, Stay” to appeal to both residential and commercial tenants and to the buy-to-rent market.

Environmental graphics

Advertising graphics was printed on translucent film and used to screen off areas still under construction.

Buchanan Square newsletter

Redefine Properties redeveloped a group of old buildings in Woodstock, Cape Town. The challenge was that the buildings were mostly occupied by tenants and that the redevelopment process could be disruptive to tenants. Further, as new space became available we had to attract new suitable tenants.
This newsletter showed the creative caliber of the current tenants and showcased some of the new studio space becoming available. It was very important to the client to promote the sense of a creative community.

Exhibition stand for future shopping centre

Farm Design was asked by one of South Africa’s largest property developers to design and build an exhibition stand at a retail conference. the purpose of the stand was to attract retailers to a new shopping centre that was being built. We incorporated elements of the design of the new centre into the stand.