Whisky branding

Elsabe Gelderblom worked with Stellenbosch Farmers Winery’s new product division for many years. Together with her client, Francis Naughton, they developed new products for every segment of the liquor industry. These three whiskeys are examples of products designed to eat into established markets.

Kleindal supermarket wines

This wine was the first product designed for Tim Rands when he started Vinimark in 1986. It was exclusively sold in Pick’n Pay supermarkets and started Vinimark’s journey to today, where it is the largest independent wine specialist company in South Africa.

Champagne Honey packaging

When designing packaging, one of the best measures of its success is longevity in the market. – Elsabe

Elsabe Gelderblom designed this packaging in the 1980s and it is still a firm favourite product on supermarket shelves today.

Koo Peaches packaging

Elsabe Gelderblom designed this packaging in 1984 while working for Janice Ashby Design Studio. It was a new idea at the time – the peaches got liberated from the tin can!

The packaging won a Loerie Award and was published in the Communication Arts 1985 Design Annual.