South Africa’s Suspended Revolution

Farm Design designed the cover for “South Africa’s Suspended Revolution” written by the prominent political commentator, Adam Habib. The cover had to be strong and convey a sense of urgency and promise.

The book was also translated into three different languages and once again, Farm Design designed the covers.

The book was published by Wits University Press.

Shepherd’s Prayer

Shepherd’s Prayer is a dark atmospheric novel with two storylines: a gripping crusade to save a young boy’s life, and the grim struggle of two siblings to confront their family shame.

Published by Katja Willemsen.

Shakespeare and the Coconuts

In this book Natasha Distiller explores historic and contemporary uses of Shakespeare in South African society which illustrate the complexities of colonial and post-colonial realities as they relate to iconic Englishness.

Published by Wits University Press.

School text books in eight languages

Nasou Via Afrika, one of South Africa’s largest schoolbook publishers, commissioned Farm Design to redesign and update their existing range of school books. The previous brands had to be strengthened and differentiated.

Working in eight different languages was a challenge, as was inheriting some “bad” design elements. Farm Design designed and produced a cover for every grade and in every subject. A marathon project that was very rewarding, in hindsight.

Published by Nasou Via Africa.

South African Social Attitudes

South African Social Attitudes: Reflections on the Age of Hope is the second in a series that aims to monitor the evolving dynamics of South African social values in relation to broader societal developments.

Published by HSRC Press.

The Prize and the Price

Leading and emerging scholars disentangle the strands of particular sexual identities, and deepen the reader’s understanding of the multiple workings of heteronormativity in South African society in particular, and sexuality in general.

Published by HSRC Press.

Giving & Solidarity

For the first time in South Africa, a range of seasoned and new voices including development experts, economists, political analysts and sociologists, quantify and analyse answers to these intriguing questions. Presenting the results of a wide ranging and ground breaking study, these authors provide fresh insight into the contributions of non-governmental stakeholders to poverty alleviation and development in South Africa.

Published by HSRC Press.

Stealing Empire

This book explores arguments about copyright via peer-to-peer (P2P) platforms such as Napster, free speech struggles, debates about access to information and open content licences, and develops a politically incisive analysis of counter discourses produced by South African hip-hop artists.

Published by HSRC Press.

From Boys to Men

This highly original work arises from the conference ‘From Boys to Men’, held in January 2005. It represents the work of some of the best-known theorists and researchers in masculinities and feminism in South Africa, on the continent and internationally.  The subjects covered are based on rich ethnographic studies, mostly in South Africa, but also elsewhere in Africa.

Published by UCT Press.

State of the Nation 2007

State of the Nation was the HSRC Press’ flagship series, published annually. Each year had a different theme. For the cover, we chose an image from a photographic project that the HSRC had initiated. The image really symbolised South Africa and its citizens transitioning to the new political dispensation.

The promotional material for the book elaborated on this graphic theme.

Transitional Justice and Human Security

It is hoped that this publication will be a modest contribution to the ongoing debate and will assist academics and practitioners alike to be of even greater assistance to those countries facing the awesome challenge of post-conflict resolution.

Published by the International Center for the Transitional Justice, Cape Town.

Disability and Social Change

This book engages with a broad range of disability issues in South Africa. For the cover a photograph was choses with a subtle representation of change in the landscape – a wall with a section featuring a hand rail. The title was aslo duplicated in braille script which was embossed and spot varnished onto the cover.

Published by HSRC Press.

Democracy and Delivery

Democracy and Delivery: Urban Policy in South Africa tells the story of urban policy and its formulation in South Africa.

Elsabe Gelderblom stitched together sections of old maps and photographed the collage. The cover of the book was also embossed to pick up on the stitching motif.

Published by HSRC Press.

Baba – Men and Fatherhood in South Africa

This book interrogates some of the most difficult questions around fatherhood in south africa. Who is a father? What does it mean to be a father?

To illustrate the up-close and personal nature of these questions and the respondents, Elsabe photographed a model and overlayed some keywords onto the face of the man.

Published by HSRC Press.